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Questions about nursing a pet rat back to health...

So my rat got discharged and her bowel movements are regular and she’s taking all of her medicine pretty well, but I am having some trouble getting her to drink her water.

She is thirsty and hungry and if I put baby food in, she devours it. However, calling the vet’s office, they said put her on a normal diet. I’m concerned she got used to baby food and seeds and other high protein and calorie stuff they gave her at the vet and now won’t eat her blocks.

She’s still skinny and weak so I don’t want to deny it to her so that she won’t eat, but I don’t want her to get sick from too much of that. She’s separated from the others and I’ve put the old water bottle from the main cage in her tank and given her sisters the new one- but she still doesn’t seem to want to drink from it.

I’ve tried giving her an ice cube but she didn’t seem interested and now I gave her some frozen peas, carrots, and beans but I’m not sure what else I should be doing.

My vet’s office is closed atm so I figured I’d toss this up and see if anyone else has had similar problems and might have some advice.

Since this will probably relevant to any advice I get: She was in the hospital for losing weight and muscle mass and being incredibly constipated. They massaged most of the yucky stuff from her intestines and got her breathing back to normal, but she does have the very early signs of heart disease.


The vet told me to keep her separated for two weeks- 1 week at the minimum. I've been taking her out for short periods of time (getting just slightly longer each time) with her sisters. She bruxes a lot when she has that time and her tank is right next to their cage so that they can smell/hear/see each other.

And that's a good idea! I've been giving her frozen veggies, but I think I'm going to cook them so they're a bit softer for her to chew.